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Bebe Rexha Flips Off People Who Tell Her To Smile More

By Jeff Mazzeo

It's 2019, probably not a good idea to tell someone to smile more. Rock star Bebe Rexha seems to agree with that sentiment and proved it by flipping everyone the bird.

The singer just finished announcing the 2020 Grammy nominees on "CBS This Morning" alongside Gayle King and Alicia Keys when she shared a picture on Instagram that put people in their place. Bebe posted a selfie where she was forced to squint due to her exaggerated smile and held up her middle finger in protest with her free hand.

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Don't Tell Her What To Do


She clarified the meaning of the rude gesture in the caption of her post.

"People keep saying Bebe you need to smile more. Post more pics of you smiling you look so emo. Write happy songs. Be happy. So here is my version of a smiling pic," Rexha said.

Clearly the artist did not take too kindly to the suggestions she has been receiving lately.

Her fans loved the response and sounded off in the comments. One follower wrote, "The most real caption." Another commented, "I love your smileee❤️," but it is unclear if that fan understood the meaning behind her rebellious act.

Bebe is not shy about sticking up for herself and others on social media. She also shares a lot of pictures where she gives the two-finger salute.

'You Can't Stop The Girl' From Flipping Off The Camera


The raising of the middle fingers has become a little bit of a trend for the pop star and she recently shared several awesome flick-off photos.

Whether you like it or not, the gesture has become a common occurrence when scrolling through an Instagram feed and the rude gesture is taking on new meanings.

The double middle finger pose can mean someone is "winning" and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. It is also used to be sexy and enticing to express "this rose has thorns." But in Bebe's most recent pic, she is using it the old fashion way.

Why Stop A Good Thing

Giphy | Bebe Rexha

Why mess with success? Any person giving advice as to what Bebe should or should not do on her own Instagram feed is a fool. She has a good thing going and has amassed just under 10 million followers.

There is no reason to do anything to stop or cause hesitation when she wants to bless your timeline with a gift.

She is very open, very body-positive, and shares a lot of her life with her fans. Back in August, she celebrated her 30th birthday by posting a sultry snap of herself doing her makeup in the bathroom while doing the splits. The black and white photo showed the star in her birthday suit with the exception of her tiny underwear.

And may we never forget when she balanced her 2019 MTV Video Music Award on her backside.

She does not need any help when it comes to running an awesome feed.

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