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Bear Brown's Ex Fiancée Explains Sexuality After Pregnancy News Backlash

By Gary Trock

"Alaskan Bush People" star Bear Brown is going to be a father, and his ex-fiancée is trying to clear the air on her initial intentions with the star when it came to their relationship.

Raiven Adams went on Instagram Thursday shortly after announcing that she and Bear were expecting a little cub.

"Quickly after deciding friendship was best for us! We found out we had a little surprise coming our way," she explained.

Instead of lots of congratulations, she was met with harsh criticism from fans who accused her of trying to score a payday from the Discovery reality star.

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Adams began defending herself, clapping back that she was more than capable of holding a job and earning her own living, before finally turning off the comments on her Instagram feed.

She then returned with a new post, explaining how her sexuality played into the relationship with Bear.

"When me and bear first talked, he knew and announced I was 100% gay. Asked me to come hang out as a friend and I did. He had a great personality! And we attempted to date because we wanted to see where it would go . But quickly we realized that we didn’t agree on big topics in life. We didn’t want the same things, and that being with a male wasn’t right for me. To anyone who’s straight or maybe even bisexual, that comment doesn’t make very much sense. You think why couldn’t I just make it work, or try harder or so on ? It just doesn’t work like that... and I was honest about that every day of our relationship."


Adams said she and Bear "gave it our best shot," but admits the reality star is "not very good at relationships ... mostly because he hadn't had one before me."

As for the future, Adams wishes Bear all the best and says she will fully support any relationship he finds.

She explained, "I never lied to him our entire relationship I honestly wish him the best in life and in love. After this I will no longer explain myself or anything that happened."

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