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Byron Scott Removes Post Ripping His Son and 'Basketball Wives' Star Kristen Scott

By Ryan Naumann

NBA star Byron Scott has deleted all traces of the video where he trashed his son Thomas and “Basketball Wives” star Kristen Scott.

Byron released a video of himself talking about Thomas and Kristen on Thursday. In the video, he called them liars, taking issue with how they portrayed him on the show.

The NBA star is engaged to “BB Wives” star CeCe Gutierrez. Byron's son, Thomas Scott, is married to Kristen, who is also a cast member. The reality show has focused on Byron and Thomas’ strained relationship. Kristen and CeCe have also fought throughout the season.


In a recent episode, Thomas and Kristen were shown making dinner and waiting for Byron to join them. The episode made it appear Byron blew off the dinner, which was set up start fixing their problems.

In Byron's video, he claimed to have never been invited to the dinner. Byron accuses the two of lying about him agreeing to show up. Byron says he had talked to Thomas about having dinner but never at the home. He said no specific date and time had been decided on. Byron calls the entire situation “ridiculous”. He took particular issue with Kristen saying she made the family problems worse.


Following his post, Kristen sent off a series of tweets talking about CeCe.

She wrote, “For the record, I on the other hand DO NOT hate CC, nor have as much power as is being said! When I hugged her at Malaysia’s house I was ready to get back on track! #BasketballWives”

She continued, “Smh... I have apologized more times than I can count! That is a bold face lie and Malaysia, LonDen and an entire camera crew were there to witness it! That’s fine, guess this is what we doing... I wish you nothing but the best and I mean that!! #BasketballWives”

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