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Bam Margera Resurfaces During Rehab Looking Happy with Wife and Son

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bam Margera has had a rough couple of weeks dealing with his demons and a recent hospital visit but it seems like things are starting to look up for the "Jackass" star.

Bam was seen over the weekend embracing his wife, Nikki, and son, Phoenix, while posing for a picture for the “Ripride” Podcast with "King of the Road" star Andy Roy.

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Patching Up Relationships


The move seems to be a good sign, because Bam was trashing his family only weeks ago as he was publicly going through, what some deemed, as a breakdown.

He posted several, long posts on social media that attacked Nikki, and really focused on his mom, April Margera.

"No, bam makes the rules of bam and castle bam APRIL!!! NIKKI!!! Duhhhhhh. Both of you go f---k yourselves," the star wrote on Instagram.

This picture seems to show Bam getting past some of his problems with his wife.

Bam's Arrest


During the alleged breakdown, Bam was arrested in August after becoming out of control in the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel and refusing to leave.

The "Jackass" star was seen outside the LAPD station after he was released on his own recognizance.

Luckily for Bam, his family did not give up on him and Nikki and April were responsible for finally getting him to agree to seek help.



The skateboarder was recently hospitalized while receiving treatment in Huntington Beach.

Bam posted and deleted a photo on his Instagram page showing him lying in a hospital bed.

"Adema [sic] sucks but i will be fine and out in a few hours," Bam wrote to fans.

Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body's tissues and is sometimes associated with alcohol abuse, as alcohol causes the body to retain more fluids.

After the hospital scare, Bam seemed to understand that his drinking may be an issue.

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