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Von D Helping Out

Gettyimages | Chelsea Lauren

Tattoo artist and reality TV personality Kat Von D has been helping out Bam Margera while he receives treatment for his recent mental health issues.

She also revisited her own personal demons to show that friends who care can make all the difference.

Art Therapy

Von D posted a short video of the two of them having a sketching session as music played in the background.

Former "Jackass" star Margera had an alarming breakdown recently in a public cry for help, but he has sought help from professionals.

Margera has also made a deal that keeps him out of prison, after he got in a fight and then wouldn't leave the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. In that case, he was charged with trespassing.

Margera's new deal involves him completing a sobriety program. He has more than three years of probation ahead of him.

Fans Show Their Support

Gettyimages | J. Strauss

"You’re such a beautiful soul @thekatvond and a great friend. Love you and @bam__margera both," wrote britt6934, while vipervasloo says:

"This is just lovely... <3 I watched him on dr phil the other day. A truly good soul this world cannot lose too soon. <3"

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

In her Instagram picture with Margera, Von D took the time to bring up her troubled past and discuss who helped her and how she made it through.

"Getting sober was not easy for me. Even though it’s gonna be 12 years in July that I celebrate being clean from drinking and drugs, I still clearly remember the physical pain from withdrawals, the profound desire to die, and the overwhelming sense of loneliness I felt that day I decided to quit."

Sketching Her Way Back To Health

Gettyimages | Chris Polk

Von D talked about the friend that was able to reach her and help put her on the right track.

"On day two of detoxing, I was failing to talk myself out of killing myself when a friend came over, and found the most pathetic/vulnerable version of me on my apartment floor."

"He said, 'Come on, Kat. Get up and let’s draw.' I managed to scrape myself up somehow, find a piece of paper and whatever pencils were laying around."

"Looking back, I realize he was just helping me put one foot in front of the other. Maybe it was just a distraction, or maybe it was his way of helping me refocus on the one thing that has always saved me from myself."

"Either way, it’s what I needed at that time, and I am so grateful to that friend."

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