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Bam Margera's Family & 'Jackass' Co-Stars Try to Help Star During Public Meltdown

By Gary Trock

Former "Jackass" star Bam Margera is on a self-destructive downward spiral, and even though he is publicly shaming his wife and mother, they are still actively trying to get him help.

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast everyone close to Bam is taking his current binge very seriously.

Beginning Friday night, Bam began posting long ranting messages on Instagram, attacking his wife, Nikki, and mother, April.

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"No, bam makes the rules of bam and castle bam APRIL!!! NIKKI!!! Duhhhhhh. Both of you go f---k yourselves," the star wrote on Instagram.

He continued, "April margera i will never forgive you for treating my f---ing near death nervous breakdown like the phillies just lost. Tranfer my f---ing money to the account that i can only access!!"


It's unclear what sparked the meltdown with Bam and Nikki, who share 1-year-old son, Phoenix.

Along with photos of long text messages, and handwritten notes, Bam posted video of himself appearing to get kicked off a Southwest flight for drinking too much.

Video showed him arguing with an airline employee about the number of drinks he consumed while on the aircraft.

The star's IG feed has been flooded with messages from fans asking Bam to get help.


Other "Jackass" stars have been posting messages as well, including longtime friend Chris Pontius.

"To Everybody asking the Jackass Guys to help Bam, We are trying and have been, but no matter how loudly help screams his name, it’s up him to want to be better and not somebody who publicly degrades their Wife and Mother and takes accountability for it," Pontius wrote.

He explained, "I wouldn’t write this publicly, but we all get told to go help Bam so much, I might as well answer."

Other stars who have reached out include Brandon Novak and Joe Frantz.


Bam was apparently able to get on another flight, and posted a message that he was headed to Texas to meet with a therapist.

Sources close to Bam's family tell The Blast, "We are doing the best we can right now."

We're told his family is trying to keep things private, but are actively working to get him help and hopefully get Bam on a path to sobriety.

Bam has battled alcoholism since his early "Jackass" days, and has openly spoken about his addiction and multiple attempts at rehab.

In 2019, he entered rehab for the third time, but left shortly after and vowed to beat his demons on his own.

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