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Bam Margera Begs Dr. Phil for Assistance Amid Breakdown: 'I Need Your Help in a Big, Big Way'

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By Daniel Goldblatt

As Bam Margera continues to unravel on social media, he is reaching out to Dr. Phil, who he hopes can guide him through his troubles.

"Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way. My family is in shambles, it's been worse than it's ever been, ever," Bam says in the first video. "I've disowned my mom, I'll tell you why. Nikki, I can't stand, I can't stand her, I'll tell you why."

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Bam then brought up his young son, Phoenix, and how much he loves him and how he imagines the child could be a point of contention if he breaks up with his wife.

"He's the best," Bam says, "I love him to death, and Nikki knows that. And if we separate, I know she's going to use him as bait, and I ain't playing that f--king game, so you can have him."


He then went on a rant about his mother, which he captioned, "#dr.phil my mom invented a time machine so bam margera can go now where fast and talk in circles answering questions with questions."

Bam said of his mother, "Let's get to my mom, which is the worst part. Everything she says is negative, and she always cuts people off and never lets them finish. She's already ready to say what she's gonna say, before you're done, that means she's not listening, ever. She invented a time machine, because we go nowhere so f--king fast, that it drives me crazy, and we can do this shit for hours."

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Bam's barrage of social media posts over the weekend have left many fans and friends worried about his well-being.

Steve-O, one of his closest friends from the days of "Jackass," commented on one post, writing, "I’m sorry if it’s frustrating for you that we care enough to keep trying to get through to you, Bam. It couldn’t be more clear that all of this isn’t OK, and I hope you’ll join me and Novak in recovery before your son loses his dad. And, by the way, none of this looks cool (which is a good thing, because it’s humiliating myself that motivated me to commit myself to a program of recovery). It’s time to give up the fight, and join the winning team. I love you, brother."

Sources close to Bam tell The Blast his family is trying to keep things private, but are actively working to get him help and hopefully get Bam on a path to sobriety.

Bam has battled alcoholism since his early "Jackass" days and has openly spoken about his addiction and multiple attempts at rehab.

In 2019, he entered rehab for the third time, but left shortly after and vowed to beat his demons on his own.

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