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'Bad Girls Club' Star Shannade Clermont Trashed by Prosecutors for Trying to Play the Victim in Criminal Case

By TheBlast Staff

"Bad Girls Club" star Shannade Clermont is being trashed by prosecutors following her plea to a judge to not throw her in prison, saying she’s far from the angel she is portraying herself to be.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, New York prosecutors are informing the judge of the sentence they believe the Yeezy model deserves in her criminal case.

In an effort to score a lighter sentence, Clermont recently filed letters of support from family and friends, told the judge she recently launched a charity with her sister, and pointed to her always donating luxury clothes to the less fortunate. She claimed to have committed the crimes out of desperation and claimed to have otherwise led a clean life.

Prosecutors don’t see things that way and want her thrown behind bars for 12 to 18 months. They believe the crime committed was serious and they do not want Clermont to skate on the charges.

They explain, "On the evening of January 31, 2017, the defendant arranged to have a prostitution date with a man (the 'Victim') at his Manhattan apartment."

Furthermore, they allege, "Although it is unknown what happened while the defendant was inside the Victim's apartment for over three hours, the Victim was found dead the next morning from a drug overdose, there were baggies of cocaine and a tablet that contained fentanyl around the apartment, and a loose condom that appeared to have been broken was found on the Victim’s bed."

Clermont told police the victim was simply passed out on the bed and she stole his debit card before she left.

They take issue with Clermont’s argument that she stole the money out of a desperate need to pay for necessary daily expenses.

Prosecutors point out, "Many of the fraudulent payments and attempted payments were for designer clothing and luxury items, including, among other items, $427 Valentino shoes, a $318 Phillip Plein jacket, $230 Beats headphones, as well as $250 for a gift certificate at a beauty salon. These were items the defendant needed in order to portray herself as an up-and-coming model with purported success to the public."

They claim Clermont said in a post-arrest interview: "Just like, being on TV and just having to keep up with what, you know, people saw, It was really hard at times ... In the public eye you know people just think that like ... How do I keep up with that image? I just felt like it was a lot of stress on me to keep that image."

Prosecutors want the judge to make an example of Clermont, saying a message needs to be sent to her millions of followers that you can’t get away with a crime.

In regard to her newly started charity, the government says they applaud her "commitment to charitable work" but notes that the defendant's foundation was only started after she had pleaded guilty in this case and was facing sentencing.

Following Clermont's arrest, she discussed how she regretted being a cast member with her twin sister on "Bad Girls Club," saying she attempted to portray herself as a victim who was "picked on continuously" because other cast members were "jealous."

Prosecutors went back and watched the show and note on one episode, the twins state "When you look up bad b*tch in the dictionary, you’ll find the Clermont Twins ... We’ll do whatever we want. We want to have fun. We’ll just do whatever. We don’t care what other people think."

The judge is set to rule on Clermont's sentence next week.

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