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These Bachelorette Parties Are Having THE WORST Time at the NFL Draft

By TheBlast Staff

Nashville has become a huge destination for bachelorette parties looking for a fun weekend of bar hopping, country tunes and party bikes ... but it was also the location of the 2019 NFL Draft and one bridal party apparently didn't get the memo.

Local reporter, Kathleen Jacob caught up with multiple bachelorette parties who unknowingly came to party in Nashville the same weekend Kyler Murray and the rest of the NFL prospects await their football destiny.

"We come here to listen to country music, not hang out with football boys," angry Bride, Cara, told FOX's Jacob. Another bride said she found out three days ago about the draft, and "it may me wanna cry."

Luckily, not every party is letting the draft ruin their weekend, and Jacob was able to find a group of girls making the best of the situation ... on a party bike, of course.

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