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'Bachelorette' Star Jason Tartick Shirtless Pouring Beer On His Men's Hockey Team! Yes, Please!

By Mike Walters

'Bachelorette' star Jason Tartick is celebrating a huge win for his men's hockey team in Nashville, Tennesse and what do you do when you win the big game...pour beer on each other shirtless of course!

Tartick, one of the stars of the reality show, now lives in Nashville with fellow 'Bachelor' star and his girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe. We're told Jason was a big winner this week, with his men's hockey team, winning "The Stanley Keg."

Here Comes The Champions!

The Blast

The team, that is called the Jagr Bombers, named after iconic NHLer Jaromir Jagr, won their 4th "keg" since the men's beer league formed many years ago in town.

We obtained video and photos inside the locker room after the big win, and let's just say it got a bit wild!

We're told the 'Bachelorette' did not drink with his teammates, as he is celebrating his "Dryanuary" (where you don't drink for a month) -- but that didn't stop him from pouring beer on his adult men's hockey league teammates! And yes...he is shirtless!

Check Out The Beer Pouring Video!

"A dream of mine has always been to win the Stanley Cup. If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars! I missed the Stanley Cup, but let's just say the Nashville Stanley Keg is that star for me!" Jason said about the win.

Tartick's teammate, Zack Teperman, who is also the President of Hollywood/Nashville PR firm ZTPR, and who was on the receiving end of Tartick's beer keg shower after the game.

Settled Down With 'Bachelor' Star Kaitlyn Bristowe

Gettyimages | Alexander Tamargo

Terperman tells The Blast, "Jason is one of our team's top players. He may not show up to games on time due to his crazy schedule, but once he's on the ice surface, he gives his full heart... And that's all any teammate can ask! But a few more goals from him here and there would be nice too!"

The Jagr Bombers hope to repeat as champions again next season that starts in February in Nashville, TN. If they can get Kaitlyn to show up to the games, they may have a new spin-off show on their hands!


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