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'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Patched Things Up With Wife After Explosive Split

By Gary Trock

Mike Fleiss' own marriage is way more dramatic than any season of "The Bachelor." The creator of the reality dating phenomenon just revealed that he has reconciled with his wife after a nasty divorce that made allegations of domestic violence after an argument at the couple's home in Hawaii allegedly turned physical.

The unexpected announcement came Sunday morning via Fleiss' Twitter account.

"Happy to report that @FleissLaura and I have reconciled. I love my wife and am grateful for this opportunity to work on our marriage... Thanks for the support, #BachelorNation!."

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Laura Says They Were Both Immature


Laura Fleiss echoed her husband's statement of reconciliation, in a newly created Twitter account, and then expanded on the situation by taking equal responsibility for the argument that spun out of control.

"Over the summer, my husband and I went through a challenging time, as all marriages do. There was an emotionally charged incident in which we fought over a phone and both exhibited immature and irresponsible behavior. This situation led to making rash decisions we both regret."

"However, I would like to correct the erroneous reporting that my husband intentionally tried to attack and hurt me. That is untrue. We both take full responsibility for our actions and have worked very hard to repair the damage to our relationship and family and are working together with the help of a marriage counselor to rebuild what we lost. I love [Mike Fleiss] and our kids very much. We appreciate your support at this time."

The Night In Question

As The Blast first reported, Laura filed court documents in July as she was seeking an emergency domestic violence restraining order against Mike. According to the documents, Laura described that the two had gotten into an explosive argument over her pregnancy, and that Mike became verbally and physically aggressive.

She described that Mike, "grabbed my body, forcibly pinned me up against the wall and held me there. After I broke free, he continued to use his arms and hands to aggressively push me away from him as he walked outside the door, still not returning my phone. Then he walked towards his pick-up truck parked outside in our driveway, shouting 'I'm going to punch your face in.'"

Security video evidence of the attack, as well as photos showing Laura's injuries, which included "bruises on the inside of my arm, a scratch on my neck," were used in court to secure the order.

They Quickly Settled

Gettyimages | Amanda Edwards

Mike and Laura quickly settled their divorce, and sources close to The Blast told us part of the TV exec's motivation was to avoid the potential release of security footage of the attack. The settlement contained a requirement that Laura drop the domestic violence restraining order.

We were told the settlement also scored Laura $10 million, as well as sharing joint custody of their 4-year-old son, Ben. The custody agreement also made legal matters concerning the child a joint decision by both parents.

We're told the former couple will share joint custody of their 4-year-old son, Ben, as well as shared decision making in legal matters concerning the child.

Fans Aren't Buying It

Giphy | The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation may be a bit skeptical of the sudden reconciliation between the Fleiss family.

<"Absolutely nothing creepy about @FleissLaura needing to open a twitter account specifically to say her husband doesn’t hit her amirite?" one person wrote.

"Wow really great damage control you’re doing here. We don’t buy it. I know divorces can be costly. Way to save your money," another quipped.

The comments on Laura's tweets weren't any better, with people telling her to "RUN!" and others accusing her of trying to protect her husband.

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