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Ariana Grande Loves This ‘Star Wars’ Character Just As Much As You Do

Gettyimages | Mike Coppola
By Emily Reily
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Ariana Grande - she's just like us! She's just like us in that she can't get enough of Baby Yoda, that new meme and childlike character from Disney Plus' new series "The Mandalorian."

Grande, who loves cute memes, has been sharing pictures of "The Child" far and wide, and fans are responding accordingly.

One Of Grande's Favorite Things


And, of course, people tweet about the things they like, so Grande tweeting the hot new meme is a perfect indication that Baby Yoda really has made it - in case we needed any more proof of that.

Too Cute


Fans are now combining the cuteness of Baby Yoda with Ariana's lyrics, like lines from "In My Head."

@angelinapgtz tweeted at Grande, also noting the Baby Yoda link, saying, "baby yoda as the 'in my head' visuals who's with me?"

It's like Ariana Grande and Baby Yoda were always meant to be.

Fans Really Want Her To Sing 'Moonlight'


A Twitter user went one step further, taking a scene from "The Mandalorian" and superimposed the name "Arianators" over it, since fans want Grande to play her song "Moonlight," while on tour.

Grande saw the tweet and posted it on her Instagram, saying "omg."

Grande is out on tour right now, and has been since March 2019. There's a chance fans will hear "Moonlight," and that's what people are hanging on to.

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