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Baby's Halloween Costume Is an Ode To Dwight Schrute

Unsplash | Julia Raasch
By Emily Reily

Ready To Work


Dwight Shrute has a young fan in this doppelgänger.

Instagram user Jillian Sheffield of North Carolina has posted a picture of her son, Jackwell, dressed up as Dwight from "The Office," though this Dwight is much less annoying and mean.

He Just Met His Coworkers

Jackwell, eight months old, has been decked out in a yellow business shirt and striped tie, with hair parted down the middle and giant glasses. Jackwell doesn't look all that happy to be here.

He's Got Plenty Of Office Supplies


Baby Dwight also has his own desk lamp, '80s-style desk, a red chair, and a cork board to proudly show off where he works.

Mom wrote a famous Schrute quote underneath the photo: “all you need is love. false. the four basic human necessities are air, water, food, and shelter."

A Winning Formula


The "Baby Dwight" post initially got a thousand likes within a few days, but then it skyrocketed to a half-million after Barstool Sports threw it up on their Instagram page.

Other parents may be cooking up their own Dwights for the holiday. One person wrote to another underneath Baby Dwight's photo:

"Send Zanes costume you ordered back. I found another one."

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