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A Disgusting Scene Involving 'Captain America' Was Never Filmed

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By Emily Reily

Time For Another Helping Of Avengers Scrapped Scenes

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Discovering new deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame can be its own little game.

Now there's a new twist: a planned scene in Avengers: Infinity War that involved Captain America, blood and mashed potatoes that was never filmed.

Cap's Not Afraid


Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently revealed the details about the gory dinner in a recent interview.

Mashed Potatoes and Blood Just Don't Mix


Markus explained the scene to IGN:

"We wrote it, we didn’t shoot it..... It was a scene of basically Widow and Falcon and Cap in hiding post-Civil War and they’d just been through a big fight with criminals, and Cap was eating mashed potatoes, and Falcon says 'You’re bleeding into your mashed potatoes.' "

"He looks at him like…yeah he is bleeding into his mashed potatoes. I remember Kevin [Feige] going 'He’s bleeding into his mashed potatoes?! I don’t want to see that!' Yeah, maybe we went a little too…something.”

When Markus and McFeely offered the idea to Kevin Feige and company, they turned it down cold.


Other scenes that never made it to the film include:

"Doctor Strange's Magical Mystery Tour" and the Living Tribunal (whatever that is); Thanos wiping out past Avengers; "smart hulk"; and a partnership between Captain America and Red Skull.

Disney also apparently said no to Cap getting beheaded by Thanos, even though that's the fate that befell Thanos.

Disney, amiright?

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