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1. Brace Yourselves

On Saturday, before the newest episode of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" aired, Ashley Martson issued a disclaimer on her Instagram page: What fans were about to see her do was not going to be pretty.

2. Pivotal Moment

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This episode goes back to January, when Martson withdrew her divorce filing from Jay Smith. At the time, Martson was in the hospital dealing with complications from lupus. Despite their feuds, Smith went to the hospital to be with her anyway.

The episode took place soon after Martson found out that Smith was cheating on her -- again.

3. There At the Right Time?


This act touched Martson, who said she was "surprised" to see him there:

"It's kind of surprising to see him walk through the door at the hospital. I was still really mad at Jay, but still somewhat happy to see him and happy not to be alone."

She admits that when Smith appeared, things had been on rocky ground between the two.

"Things with Jay and I weren't good. The last time I saw him, I had just kicked him out," Martson said onscreen.

4. She Appreciated His Being There

The way Smith tells it, of course he had to be with her:

"Knowing me and the person that I am, I cannot have her in the hospital by herself and I'm not there. So I flew right back to her."

One of the following scenes shows them asking for the divorce request to be removed. Martson explains her reasoning, saying "Jay is still here because, I guess, I'm not well and he's here helping me and it feels good right now to have him here."

We know now that in April, Martson filed for divorce, and Smith is now in ICE custody.

5. Girl Bye

Fans are understandably aggravated that she'd put herself through this again.

Martson wrote an "explanation" on her Instagram Story:

"Disclaimer for tomorrow's episode - I was admitted and administered IV Dilaudid for 8 days straight. It clearly affected the frontal love [lobe] of my brain. The part[y] of the brain that you think and make choices with... [that's] all! Have a great rest of your weekend!"

"Ashley now that your done with jay I don’t ever want to see your ass on this show again," wrote @CaptPiccard, and we agree.

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