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Ashley Graham Reveals All Her Pregnancy Cravings And They Are Way Too Healthy

By Jeff Mazzeo

Ashley Graham is revealing all the types of foods that she cannot get out of her mind in the form of emojis!

The model posted a pair of beautiful pictures that feature Graham’s glow and growing baby bump and told her fans what snacks she wants to devour.

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What Does She Want To Eat?


“Feed me all the cravings,” Ashley wrote, “literally every emoji except missing cantaloupe!”

She included several emojis that show the types of food she wants on the tip of her tongue.

The long list of emojis includes corn, salad, honey, donuts, cucumber, coffee, and strawberries. Sadly, like her caption stated, she was not able to find a cantaloupe emoji.

Minus the donuts, her cravings seem to lean of the healthy side. As they famously said on “The Simpsons,” “You don’t make friends with salad,” but the stomach wants what the stomach wants.

What Her Fans Crave

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Many of her followers shared their pregnancy craving stories and although some were healthy, others were just weird.

“all I wanted were grapes, lettuce and sweettarts candy,” one fan said, “then my second pregnancy I all wanted was steamed broccoli with melted cheese hahaha”

Her post was flooded with tons of food emojis that show what her fans are craving and those seem to be a little more fun.

They include avocados, chicken, cheese, hotdogs, pancakes, and of course, pizza.

Hilarious Pregnancy Stories

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Her female fans really connected to her post and seemed to enjoy sharing their hilarious pregnancy stories.

“During my pregnancy I craved 7-Eleven Slurpees nonstop and when my son was born he weighed 7/11 So funny,” one mother commented.

Another follower said that she ate so much mustard, she was surprised her son did not come out yellow.

Maybe her healthy cravings is what gives her that glow and beautiful skin. We hope all her cravings are satisfied but maybe she should try the new Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza.

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