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Ashley Graham Is Pumped About Her 'First Pump In An Uber'

By Jeff Mazzeo

When mommy duties call! Ashley Graham shared a candid moment when she found herself in the back of an Uber when it was time to pump and we are pretty sure it was a first for both passenger and driver.

The new mother gave birth to Isaac Menelik Giovanni on January 18 and ever since then, her life has centered around breastfeeding and pumping while still running her modeling empire. Tuesday was no different and Graham hilariously shared her revealing experience on Instagram. She posted a video of her squeezing away with a pump pressed up against her left breast as she awkwardly looked around with a shy grin.

"First pump in an uber," Ashley wrote on her funny video," ever so slightly awkward."

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It was hard to focus on anything other than the pump and Ashley's funny faces but the model wore a chic business suit with a pinstriped dress shirt. Her shirt and jacket allowed easy access because a mother's job never stops... even in the back on an Uber. No word on if she gave the driver a tip but they at least deserve a 5-star rating.

Side note: several people in our office have never fully understood what it means to pump so her video was very educational. We imagine that removing the stigma around it was one of her goals other than just showing off her awesome sense of humor.

Coffee & Milk Anyone?


Graham has already shown off the funnier side of motherhood by sharing a pic of baby Isaac fully latched on while at a coffee shop. Everyone needs a snack now and then! She cheekily captioned her post with the coffee and milk "☕️&🥛" emojis. Many of her followers praised her for being a real person/mom. "C’MON MISS ASHLEY bringing us nature REALNESS!" one supportive fan commented.

"Your morning milk 🥛 😍," one fan joked while another said, "I truly can’t handle the cuteness."

The Kid's Gotta Eat!


Ashley recently opened up and posted a cute pic that featured daddy, Justin Ervin supporting baby's head and the whole thing just makes you say, 'Awe, so cute!'

"I remember holding Isaac for the first time and telling Justin, 'Now we’re family forever' I have so many reasons to be grateful; all of the love and support from this amazing community, an incredible husband, and a beautiful baby who has opened my eyes to just how amazing this world really is," Ashley wrote in the caption of her post.

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