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College QB Arrested After Police Mistake Bird Poop For Cocaine; Charges Dropped

By Emily Reily

A college quarterback was arrested in July on suspicion of cocaine possession, but the charges were dropped Aug. 8 after it was revealed the substance was not cocaine but in fact bird droppings.

This Time, the Test Was Wrong

In July, Georgia Southern University quarterback Shai Werts was arrested after police pulled him over for alleged speeding.

During the exchange, police suspected that a substance on his car was cocaine. They used a field test kit, and according to police, it came up positive for the illegal substance.

What's That White Stuff?

There's a lengthy, 33-minute dash cam video showing the officer attempting to pull over Werts, who he says was driving to his grandmother's house.

As the officer approached, he noticed something white on the car's hood.

Promises, Promises

Giphy | New Girl

We'll let the George-Anne, the school's college paper, pick it up from here.

Officer: "What's the white stuff on your hood, man?" Werts: "Bird s---." Officer: "That ain't bird s---." Werts:"I promise you, that's bird doo-doo."

Officer: "I promise you, it's not, though."

Werts: "I swear to God, that's bird doo-doo."

Officer: "I swear to God, it's not. I just tested it, and it turned pink."

Dropping Charges and Dropping Doo-Doo

The footage of the arrest has now been released, so that we can all view the now-hilarious exchange between Werts and the officer.

At the time, the conversation may have been slightly comical, but now we can openly laugh since the charges were dropped -- literally.

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