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Arnold Schwarzenegger One-Ups Sly Stallone With Bigger Knife

By Jeff Mazzeo

The bromance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone has been going on for so long, you'd think they'd had enough joking around, but as Rambo would say, "NOTHING IS OVER!!!"

And to show how close they are, Arnold trolled Sly about the size of his knife.

The “Terminator” star posted a video to Instagram holding up a signed Rambo knife that Stallone had donated to charity.

“It’s unbelievable, look at this knife,” Arnold said but in true “Crocodile Dundee” style he dropped the hilarious jab. “This is not a knife, this is a knife!”


Arnold quickly revealed a larger weapon that was also signed for charity.

“This is what we used on ‘Predator,’ it’s just a little larger than yours,” he said fighting back laughter.

The star went on to wish his good friend good luck on the opening weekend for Stallone’s new movie, “Rambo: Last Blood.”


When describing Rocky, the star said he is “very optimistic and he just will not allow himself to burden other people with his insecurity,” However Rambo is an entirely different situation.

“Rambo was a tool for a machine,” Stallone said. “He’s almost like the Frankenstein monster, like Jekyll and Hyde and it’s something he didn’t ask for, the country did.”

“Rambo: Last Blood” hits theaters Friday, September 20.

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