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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena Proves He's A Macho Man By Wearing Mask And Gloves: 'OH YEAH!'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena, has to get pumped... even if that means working out in a face mask and gloves!

The 22-year-old bodybuilder shared some very macho pics to his Instagram feed on Friday. Joe ferociously hit the chest machine while wearing rubber gloves and a face mask. Even cooler than that was his classic Macho Man Randy Savage shirt. The young star knows that if he wants his biceps to resemble Savage's huge arms he has to keep hitting the gym hard.

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Attacked Over The Mask


Of course, wearing a mask is a hot-button issue in the current climate and some followers attacked Baena for wearing one.

"What a disgusting thing training with mask ur father would be dissapointed see such thing as he say drink water that is against health and ur inmune system," an upset fan commented.

Joseph quickly replied, "bro what are you talking about 😂."

"take off that mask is wrong when exercising," another disgruntled fan said.

"did just fine with it on :)," Joe answered.

Get Some, Brother!


Baena captioned his post with the iconic wrestler's popular phrase.

"The Creeeam of The Crop! OH YEAH! 🥛🌾," he exclaimed.

His fans loved the threads and typed their best Macho Man impressions into the comments section of his post.

"I’ve got a plan for you and my plan is noo plan yeeeaaaaww," one excited follower wrote.

"The cream will rise to the top!" another echoed.

The text impressions didn't stop... "top o the liiiine yeah! ooh yeah. 🔥😎," another commented.

"Macho Man!! Oh yeeeaahh dig it!!??"

New Regulations


Joseph shared a pic of the new normal procedure at Gold's Gym. He joked that it was more like waiting to get into a popular nightclub.

"I know the promoter here!" he joked.

We are sure he was just happy to pump iron again, he told fans that he had no issues with the process. He probably just wanted his gym rat friends to see his new Savage shirt. He admitted to being a little obsessed with it.

"Way too excited about this shirt," he wrote on his IG story.

The Mask Is A Good Look


Seeing Joseph workout in a mask reminded us of the last time that we saw the bulky stud wearing a facial covering. He wore one back in May when he exited a cryo-chamber and delivered a fierce flex. Some fans thought he gave of major "Terminator" vibes. Baena at least wore pants... unlike his famous father when he traveled back in time to end Sarah Conor.

The mask is a pretty good look! It helps if you are in fantastic shape too!

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