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Ariel Winter Thinks She Is The Punniest Girl On Instagram In Stunning Mini-Skirt Outfit

By Jeff Mazzeo

Ariel Winter plays a dorky girl on "Modern Family" and perhaps certain aspects of her character are rubbing off on her because we are loving the nerdy hot girl vibes she is putting out.

The 21-year-old shared some amazing photos of herself wearing a cream-colored mini-skirt and matching white button-up top to her Instagram but it was her funny caption that inspired her fans to laugh and gave them the confidence to be themselves.

"swipe to see my nutty new friend, he cracks me up 👀 #dadjokes," Ariel wrote in the caption of her post.

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Fans Are Inspired By 'Dad Joke'


Her "dad joke" does not need to be explained but in case you missed it, she is making a joke that her "nutty new friend" is a giant nutcracker pictured in one of her photos. She is pretending to kiss the giant decoration and has one leg held up like the stereotypical pose. The "he cracks me up" line doesn't need any further explanation.

Several of her fans found her joke hilarious and said she inspired them to be themselves.

"You are one of the reasons why I chose to be a nerdy," one fan commented.

One of her followers thought Ariel was super clever and wrote, "Ooooof how punny," while another wrote, "Caption 🔥."

"Absolutely love the 2nd photo ❤️❤️❤️," and excited fan wrote.

Pizza Obsessed


Winter shared another photo wearing the same outfit but she praised her favorite meal in the caption.

"me when I get the “_____ has started special making your order” notification from the dominos tracker," the star joked as she shared a nail-biting pic.

Ariel has a long history with pizza and Dominos and often gushes about them on social media. Recently she tried to pick a fight with her followers over what toppings belong on pizza. She stated that she likes pineapple and cheese pizza and that's it.

"JUST CHEESE & PINEAPPLE FIGHT ME," she said when trying to stir up some pizza engagement.

She also celebrated her birthday by putting a candle on the delicious pie. Pizza > Cake.

All Dolled Up


After her fantastic weekend post, Winter blessed our Monday timeline with a beautiful photo of herself dressed up and completely glowed-up. She was seen sporting a tight black corset with a one-shoulder top. She had rustic red lipstick, smoky eyes, and an oversized belt buckle that was bedazzled. She did the classic stare off to nowhere pose as she seductively held one arm up.

Ariel simply left a thought bubble 💬emoji for the caption of the post and left fans wondering, "What are your thoughts?"

We guess she ran out of "dad jokes" but not ever caption can be gold.

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