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Ariel Winter Sizzles While Pounding Cake In Nothing But A Sexy Bathrobe, Caption This!

By Mike Walters

Ariel Winter is showing the fastest ways to most people's hearts, through their stomach, after posting a smoking hot video of herself eating cake in nothing but a sexy bathrobe!

The 'Modern Family' star shared the video on Instagram, where she is looking for the best captions to the sexy video, which including the television star eating cake with a great look on her face!

Trust us, there is a lot to like about this video, and maybe you can come up with the best caption -- if so, she is going to share it with her millions of followers.

"Caption this...I’ll respond & pin the best ones 😅😂" Ariel posted on IG.

In the video, it appears the actress is on set shooting and is holding a plate of cake. It's unclear what is happening around her, but the look on her face is PRICELESS!

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'What Am I Doing? I'm Eating Cake. CAKE CAKE CAAAKKEEE'


Here are the best captions so far!

-When the restaurant workers are singing happy birthday to you and they mess up the name part

-Me eating cake while watching everything around me go to hell

-“What am I doing? I’m eating cake. CAKE CAKE CAAAKKEEE”

-Having a Thanksgiving dinner with family while you’re high

-When work starts to get hectic, but you're on your lunch break so it's not your problem.

-When your in an awkward position and you can only trust food

-When you recognize no-one at a family gathering so you just vibe by yourself with the food made

-When your cousin starts talking about politics on Thanksgiving Day

-When you finally get to sit at the adult table during family dinners

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Ariel Winter Continues To Light Up Instagram With Hot Shots!


The good news, Ariel has not chosen her favorite one yet, so you have time to drop yours into the comment section.

As we reported, the stunning actress recently changed her look and hair to a sexy shade of pink. The 'Modern Family' star dropped the photos on Labor Day surprising her 4.4 million Instagram followers.

"Pinkie Pie spotted in the wild on Labor Day: a slideshow 🎀" Winter captioned her set of shots.

See The Cake Eating Video, And Get Your Caption Ready!


As you know, the actress has been posting photos of her blonde locks for the past few weeks, however, it looks like she decided to go to a much brighter shade.

"Hey guys! I know some of my fellow bleach-blonde peeps are really struggling to find product ts you can use at home to maintain your salon brightness," Winter said while running her fingers through blonde curls.

Either way, we all like cake, and she looking really good eating it!

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