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Ariel Winter Straddles Questionable Looking Art Sculpture While Wearing Racy Top

By Whitney Vasquez

There ain't no shame in her game! Ariel Winter put a racy display with a giant onion sculpture while making an appearance at an art gallery pop-up in Downtown Los Angeles on Monday night. While several of her peers looked on shocked, Winter straddled the oversized art piece and threw her hands back acting like she was riding it. The newly-minted 21-year-old actress loved every second of the questionable display and the photographers ate it up. While posing for the pictures, her lacy see-through top made the actions that much more risqué.

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Ride It!


Throwing both of her legs over the stem of the unpeeled vegetable display at the VIP opening night for the Dumpling & Associates, Ariel Winter wore tight leather pants and showed off her strappy heels. The brunette bombshell paired her winter look with a revealing lace long-sleeved bodysuit that looked like a corset with racy trim. The "Modern Family" actress paired her look with heavy dramatic eye makeup and a mauve colored lipstick. Showing off her riding skills and excellent balance, Winter let go of the giant display and posed with only one hand holding her up.

She's Not Done!


That wasn't the only seductive move she did on the oversized veggie. Winter also brushed up against the stem and arched her back in a sexy pose. Lucky for us, that also wasn't the only oversized statue she showed off during the art gallery pop-up. The actress, who is famous for her role as the smart and sassy Alex Dunphy in "Modern Family," laid back in a lifesize vegetable strainer and pulled her best impression of Beyoncé when she appeared in a martini glass for her 2004 song, "Naughty Girl."

Bend It Like Beyoncé!


Nearly falling out of her top, a smiling Ariel Winter laid on her back in the metal looking sculpture while gently stroking her leg to give an added sex appeal. While she was sky-high in the oversized cooking utensil, several dumpling art pieces were underneath her in two shades of blue. Ariel Winter posed solo before calling in a group of her male friends to join in on the fun, which they happily did by jumping into the dumpling foam pit and posing alongside the star.

Top Of The Food Chain!


Turning over on all fours as the guys sat below her, it's clear that the actress is the apple of everyone's eye. During the event, she was also seen straddling a pole and drinking an orange-like substance while mingling with art gallery partygoers. This is just the latest in a string of risqué displays Ariel Winter has given fans over the past several months. Besides hitting us with her intense gym workouts, the actress has also given followers a glimpse into her life when she takes off her Alex Dunphy mask. She turned up the heat while in Paris by wearing next to nothing in the freezing cold. She also implied that she wasn't returning to Los Angeles and wanted to keep touring Europe, which we now know is clearly not true. The young actress isn't the only Dunphy hitting us with drool-worthy content either. Sarah Hyland, who plays her big sis in the show, made mouths water after suffering a wardrobe malfunction during the trip.

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