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Ariel Winter Is On A Mission To Get 'Michelle Obama Arms' But Is Done Losing Weight

Gettyimages | Larry Busacca
By Jeff Mazzeo

Modern Family star Ariel Winter wants to be like Michelle Obama when it comes to her arms. The star has been hitting the gym recently and she opened up about her arm goals and her overall fitness to Women's Health. “I have two abs currently and I’m looking to get more," Winter told the magazine. She also revealed that she is after a "big butt" and "Michelle Obama arms." However, she admitted that seeing results in the gym has not been easy due to her medication.

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Switching Up Her Meds


“Years ago, it was hard because I’d go to the gym with my trainer and because of my antidepressant medications I never saw results,” she said. Winter detailed her story of switching up her meds when she decided to make a change but it was not for vanity reasons. “I didn’t change my antidepressants because I wanted to lose weight, I’d just accepted it and it was fine,” Winter noted. “I got inspired to actually find a medication that helped me as a person and did all the things I wanted it to do.”

The Weight Came Right Off


After making a change with the help of her doctor, Winter said it was like she “turned back on my metabolism.” Once her medication was worked out, she said that the weight loss did not take any work. “It came with medications and happened really quickly," Ariel noted.

“When I changed meds, and started feeling better about myself mentally, losing weight was helpful because it made me feel like I wasn’t just stuck. I hate being stuck anywhere in life,” she explained.

Winter revealed that losing weight is not her main focus. She does mostly strength training in the gym. “I’ll do cardio occasionally but I’m not looking to lose any more weight, I’m looking to gain muscle,” Ariel said. “I don’t weigh myself, I don't care about that.”

The star knows that every house is built brick by brick and she is focused on the small changes to her diet because she still loves pizza. “I know eating a ton of cheese, bread, greasy food isn’t great for my heart or my insides so I’m working on that," the 21-year-old said.

Harsh Comments


Ariel has had many spats on social media with trolls and followers who accused her of using substances after she shed a few pounds. A "clap back" that went down in January was the first time she publicly addressed the change in medication.

A troll alleged that she was using uppers and she could not let the accusation go. "My psychiatrist switched me from my previous anti depressant that didn't work and made me gain weight, to coke/meth!! Definitely not a new one that worked and then regulated my metabolism," she joked. "Coke/meth was a controversial decision but she stands by it."

In her Woman's Health interview, the actress said that she no longer engages in the arguing that goes down in the comments. “It’s hard not to because I’m a feisty person, nobody likes being treated that way,” she said.

Hard Work Pays Off

Her recent workout kick has been well documented on her Instagram feed. She often shares videos of herself putting in work with her personal trainer. The actress shared a video where she is doing squats and the "Floss" dance last month.

She took the time to thank her trainer and show her appreciation for reminders about her gains in the gym. "@mackfittraininggym is a BOSS and keeps reminding me of my [peach emoji] goals," Winter wrote in the caption of her post.

Keep up the good work!

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