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Ariana Grande Sued For Second Time By Same Man, Accused Of Failing To Learn Her Lesson

By Ryan Naumann

Ariana Grande is being sued for a second time by the same man, accusing her of once again stealing his work.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a New York-based photographer Robert Barbera has filed a federal lawsuit against Ariana Grande and her company, Grandari Inc.

In the lawsuit, Barbera explains he makes his money selling prints of his work. He took a photograph of Grande while exiting a building in New York with a male friend. She is wearing a white sweatshirt with her album cover printed on the front.

Barbera says Grande, “ran the Photograph on their Instagram Story on their Instagram Page to promote their brand and clothing by saying “My Merch Is So Cute and Comfy, Swipe Up To Get Da Look” on the Photograph.”

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He explains, “Defendants did not license the Photograph from Plaintiff for its Instagram Page, nor did Defendants have Plaintiff’s permission or consent to publish the Photograph on its Instagram Page.”

To make matters worse, Barbera has already sued Grande in the past. He claims Grande has “a history of using Plaintiff photographs without permission. In 2019, Barbara sued Defendants for using other photographs on their Instagram Page without permission.”

Back in July 2019, Grande settled a separate $50,000 lawsuit brought by Barbera. In the suit, he accused her of taking another he took and posting it to promote her album “Sweetener.”

Barbera accuses Grande of not learning her lesson and once again ripping him off. He is suing for copyright infringement. The lawsuit is seeking more than the normal $150,000 per infringement. The photographer is asking the court to order Grande to pay him all “profits, income, receipts, or other benefits derived by Defendant as a result of its unlawful conduct” along with punitive damages.

Grande isn't the only celebrity being sued over an Instagram post.

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