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Ariana Grande Files Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan Who Showed Up At Her Home

By Mike Walters

Ariana Grande has just filed a restraining order against a man who showed up at her home unannounced carrying a love note and asking to see the singer.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Grande filed a restraining order for 'civil harassment' against a man who was arrested on March 14, after showing up at her home.

The scary encounter was reported earlier in the week, where the man is said to have showed up at her L.A. home and knocked at the front door on Saturday. According to reports, a property manager who was in the home told the person she was not home and closed the door.

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Obsessed Fan Allegedly Showed Up At Her Home With Love Letter


It's unclear how the person was able to bypass security at Ariana's house, but when he was able to get onto the property, someone called the cops and they showed up and confronted the man.

According to one report, the man was taken into custody by LAPD and while being detained he spit on one of the officers. If he is charged with a crime for no leaving the home, the spit will most likely be added to the charges.

Law enforcement says while searching the person and his belongings they found a love letter written to Ariana and the message included directions to her home.

Ariana Asks Judge To Keep The Person Away From Her...


At this point, a judge will sign off on the restraining order, but since this person was arrested it seems they will issues the order. Arrest records show the person was released on their own recognizance after the incident, so most of the time celebrities will file these sorts of cases in civil court for protection.

This is not the first time her house has been swarmed by cops in the past few weeks, Ariana was the victim of a swatting incident after someone called 911 and said there were shots being fired on her property.

She has been the victim of swatting in the past, and it turned out it was just a hoax. But, based on the restraining order, this obsessed fan situation is no joke.

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