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Ariana Grande Gets Five Year Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan

Gettyimages | Robin Marchant
By Mike Walters

Ariana Grande was just granted a five-year restraining order against an obsessed fan who snuck onto her property and knocked on the door armed with a 'love note' to the singer.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, an Los Angeles County Court Judge signed off on the lengthy permanent restraining order after seeing the love letter and hearing from her tour manager who testified during the hearing.

The judge ordered the person (who we have chosen not to name) stay 100-yards away from Ariana, her mother, and her house until the year 2025.

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Obsessed Fan Ordered To Stay 100-Yards Away From 'Stuck With U' Singer


The restraining order also covers the 'Stuck with U' singer's vehicles and he is not allowed to "harass, threaten, intimidate or contact them in any other fashion," including written correspondence, phone calls, or any electronic messages.

As you know, the man was arrested after he allegedly broke onto the singer's L.A. property after following a delivery truck into the compound. Once inside the gates, he apparently knocked on the door and had a 'love note' with him for Grande.

The person was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, and battery after he allegedly spit on an officer during the arrest.

Ariana's Tour Manager Testified On Her Behalf During Hearing...


At the time, Ariana filed a temporary restraining order with the court and it was granted. In normal circumstances, the case is then heard for a possible 'permanent' restraining order and the other side can defend themselves. In this case, the extensive order was given to Grande.

Interestingly, Roshad Ismail testified on Ariana's behalf during the hearing, who is the singer's 'tour manager.'

Ismail made headlines in 2018 after Grande was quoting yelling him she was going to marry 'SNL' star Pete Davidson after meeting him for the first time.

"I left his writer's room when we were writing skits and stuff for the show, and my tour manager Roshad was in the hallway, and I'm not a crush-y person, I don't have, like, crushes on people, I don't know. I'm not crush-y, but I left and I jokingly said to my tour manager, I was like, 'I'm marrying him, 100 percent.' I was like, 'I'm literally marrying him," she told Jimmy Fallon at the time.

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