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Ariana Grande Fans Demand A Collab After She Howls At The Moon With Her Dog

By Jeff Mazzeo

When you are Ariana Grande, even your dog has incredible vocal talent. The 26-year-old shared a cute video where she gave in to her animal instincts and howled at the moon along with her adorable pooch, "Toulouse".

Grande is well known for being a proud mama to several fur babies but she could never have expected that her fans would demand and duet with the doggy after giving them a taste.

Grande is a true professional and she even criticized her dog's performance a little. "Next time a little more vibrato," the singer told her pup.

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Fans Want More


Arianators may be more obsessed with her cute pup than she is and they sounded off in the comments about how they need more music from the canine.

"Toulouse needs an album," one excited fand demanded while another said, "Look mom I sing better thank you."

They found the video hilarious and their imaginations started running wild.

"this is the only chance we gonna get of you collabing with toulouse lmao. imagine if toulouse is in the crowd at one of your shows and is trying to make one of your high notes in breathin lol lmfaoo," a devoted fan wrote.

"he’s gonna be a great singer. i swear," another Toulouse fan commented.

She's Got A Zoo


Toulouse may be the best singer but Ariana has other stars that want to steal food on the table the spotlight. Grande recently shared her other dog getting into a little trouble after hopping up on the counter to grab a snack.

Grande captioned the sneaky video, "I mean," and quickly added, "p.s. this is snape. baby grown as hell."

Snape was one of two puppies she rescued and named after her favorite "Harry Potter" characters in July but the last time her followers saw the pooch, he was just a little guy.

As the popular saying for raising kids goes, "it takes a village" but all Grande has to raise her fur babies are a couple of dozen assistants, a large apartment and a plethora of other animals. We are patiently waiting for a collab with Piggy Smalls.

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