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Area 51 Foreign Trespassers Sentenced to Jail Time

Nye County Sheriff's Office
By Gary Trock

Two men who tried to storm Area 51 all by themselves will now spend 3 days in jail after copping a guilty plea for trespassing.

The Nye County Sheriff's Office in Nevada announced that Dutch foreign nationals, 20-year-old Ties Granzier and 21-year-old Govert Sweep pled guilty to misdemeanor trespassing and illegal parking after trying to make their way onto the Nevada National Security Site, aka Area 51.

Both Dutch men were in court on Monday and sentenced to 1-year in jail, with all but 10 days suspended. However, if they each pay fines of $2,200 the time served will be kicked down to just 3 days.

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They were also required to surrender all the electronic devices they were carrying at the time of their arrest, and also to stay at least 500 yards away from the location for 1 year.

At the time of their arrest, the Dutch men turned over camera equipment, a computer and a drone.

The Nye County D.A. also released a statement that officials "take this crime seirously," which was clearly a warning to other who planned on jumping on the social media craze of storming the secret government test site.

The two trespassers released a videotaped statement, explaining that they didn't mean to cause any trouble, and they are looking forward to returning home to the Netherlands.


The thought of storming Area 51 has been a social media craze ever since one person jokingly floated the idea on Facebook.

The date was originally scheduled for September 20, but after the Air Force made it very clear they would defend the private land at all costs ... the event was eventually scrapped.


It had also scared the locals in nearby Rachel, NV, who were bracing for a gigantic influx of people that officials thought would be too much for the town to handle.

The arrest at Area 51 comes at the same time the Navy officially validated a group of videos allegedly containing evidence of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena ... commonly known as UFO's.

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