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People Stormed Area 51 and Nothing Happened

By Gary Trock

Alien hunters and enthusiasts followed through with their plans to "storm" Area 51 in hopes of exposing extraterrestrial life, and when they got there they saw exactly what we all expected -- nothing.

The Storm Area 51 gathering went down in the early hours of Friday morning in the Nevada desert as a couple hundred people showed up in hopes of seeing alien life.

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One livestreamer, Isaiah, filmed the trek deep into the desert, which featured a walk up to the security gates at the Nevada Test and Training Range in complete darkness.


At the gates was a large gathering of other streamers and alien fans, as well as a line of law enforcement guarding the gates.

Warning signs could be seen at the entrance of Area 51, along with flashing lights.

There were also a few law enforcement dogs, just in case anyone tried a Naruto run into the restricted area.

As we reported, two guys have already been arrested for trying to make their way into the government testing site.


One guy was waving around a North Korean flag, and explained that although he is American ... his "friend" in N.K. advised him that Kim Jong-un was sending military forces to the Area 51 gates.

Listen, it's Area 51 in the middle of the night -- you gotta imagine a few whack jobs were there.

Towards the end of the "raid," a wise old man got up and told everyone to be safe and "remember the consequences" for trying to gain access to the secure site.

Even though there were no universal mysteries unlocked, everyone involved seemed happy with the outcome and are glad they made the trip out to Area 51.

On Thursday night, thousands of people gathered in downtown Sin City for the Area 51 celebration, which included music by DJ Tripnotic.

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