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Are TV Streaming Services Already Too Much?

Gettyimages | NOAH BERGER
By J. Atkin

This week we made it to November and that means the first new TV streaming service preparing to launch has officially entered the market. Comparing viewership 24-hours after the Apple TV Plus launch on November 1, compared to the viewership 24 hours following release of all new streaming titles from 2019 were not particularly promising. None of the Apple TV Plus shows currently available made it into the top 20 list for this year. There's a lot of content available now, you've really got to stand out to grab the eyes, and the dollars, of the television audience. How many subscriptions are viewers willing to shell out for? What's even on Apple anyway?

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Ready to Make Friends Again?

Gettyimages | NOAH BERGER

Big bucks have already been put into the casting, and the advertising, of "The Morning Show," starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. That show, however, has not been even close to the most viewed of the Apple TV Plus early releases. Ready to view, with three episodes available upon launch, it fell short in viewership compared to all of the other shows on our list. Overall, most Apple TV Plus viewers, are tuning in from the United States, but not for Reese and Jen (yet).

Old Books, New Tricks

Gettyimages | Daniel Zuchnik

Not as well known as "The Morning Show," is "Dickinson," Apple's take on the early life of poet, Emily Dickinson. Yet, that show has had more viewers than "The Morning Show," in data collected from the first two days of viewership across the new platform. On its second day the dramedy, starring Hailey Steinfeld, had almost as many viewers as Apple's second most viewed show

Alternate History


From "Battlestar Galactica" creator Ronald D. Moore, comes Apple TV's second most successful show (so far), "For All Mankind". The premise is an alternate history of the space race of the 1960's. What would our history look like if the Russians had gotten to the moon first? Most importantly the new timeline pushes NASA to include women in the program long before they ever did in real life. That should be the hook, and that's probably why it has brought in viewers so far. But the show makes those viewers wait to get to that mear, and that's probably part of the problem.

What's Here to See?

Gettyimages | David M. Benett

Apple's most viewed show so far is the Jason Momoa starring, "See". When all networks, streaming and otherwise, looking for the next "Game of Thrones," it makes sense to cast a former star of that epically popular series. Once again cast as a hulking warrior, Momoa anchors a sprawling cast in a dystopian near future where humans have lost their sense of sight. Again, the premise is appealing, though apparently the pacing is not. However, it's still the most viewed of any originals on Apple's platform so far and continues to outpace the other originals. Whether outpacing its own competition, and not the outside competition, will continue to be enough remains to be seen.

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