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Android Users Troll iPhone Fans Over 'New' Features In IOS 13

By Gary Trock

Millions of loyal Apple customers are excited as the newest operating system for iPhone will be rolled out for the masses ... but those with Android phones are scoffing at features they've been enjoying for years.

Apple has unleashed the new iOS 13 for iPhones, which is jam packed with a slew of features, including changes to photos, messaging, security and shortcuts.

However, it didn't take long for Android phone users to point out that the features aren't all that new in the tech community.

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Dark Mode


Apple is touting Dark Mode as a, "dramatic new look for iPhone."

It's designed to make the screen easier on the user's eyes, and has been integrated throughout the entire operating system. It can even turn on automatically at nighttime.

Android users are having a good laugh at the iPhone crowd:

"Obviously. U got dark mode today. We got it years ago. If you need help using the new apple update ask a android user. This is all old to us."

"The fact that everyone is excited for this iOS 13 update that features dark mode ... Bitch please #android has already been doing that. Way to be super slow."

"not to sound like an android stannie btu iphone users getting excited abt finally having dark mode is so sad ... u finally got it ... welcome to 2013."

Swipe Texting


iPhone users have finally been given the ability to swipe text from inside the native messaging app ... without a third-party keyboard application.

Swipe texting allows typing by swiping from one letter to the next, instead of chicken-pecking each character.

However, Android users are once again reminding everyone that they've already been swiping like rockstars.

"Lol @apple acting like swipe texting is a revolution when Androids have been able to do that since like 2013. #ios13."

"Yep Android has had this for years.....and this......and this......and this for even longer ..."

iPhone Users Still Excited


Regardless of the haters, iPhone users are still excited to check out all the new features offered in iOS 13, and have made it clear that although it may not be new ... it's always "better" than Android.

"Typically iPhone users are happy with their phones and don’t really care what else is going on. Android users have to tell you their phone is better and their phone had it first."

"Tomorrow i get that new iPhone. A 3 year upgrade for me. But the funniest thing about it all is that android users talk more about the iPhone than iPhone users. Likee broooo you do you. I do me. Idc if you think you're better. I'm happy."

"my dad keeps giving me 926383 reasons why a huawei is better than an iphone & i still won’t change my mind."

The battle continues.

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