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Antonio Brown Just Got Scolded By OJ Simpson! Tells WR Not 'Many People Are Pulling For You'

By Mike Walters

If the Antonio Brown situation wasn't already the most shocking thing of the day, he was just scolded by the one person who should probably not say a word...OJ Simpson!!!

The Juice just posted a video on Twitter, and we are not joking at all, he actually uttered these words, " I don't think many people are pulling for you right now." What??!!!

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News broke Saturday that wide receiver Antonio Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders, after a nasty argument with the teams GM. Then, minutes later, it was announced he had already signed with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.


OJ had a whole bunch to say about the huge sports story.

"Hey Twitter world," he started.


"What can I tell you... Antonio looks like you came out smelling like a rose, um I don't think many people are pulling for you right now but I'm not kicking you off my fantasy team I can tell you that but I hope you know...Belichick isn't going to put up with none of the stuff that Tomlinson, who maybe started all of this, and Grudin put up with..I'm just sayin' buddy, I don't think you can act like that in New England."


As expected Twitter went nuts, and people started commenting with things like, "Kinda like you smelling like a rose after beating a double murder," and "AB is killing it, amirite?"

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