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Antonio Brown Police Showdown With Baby Mama Chelsie Kyriss, Accuses Ex Of Trying To Steal His Bentley

By Ryan Naumann

Antonio Brown had a nasty showdown with his baby mama Chelsie Kyriss this morning, with police having to be called after he accused her of trying to steal his Bentley.

The ex-NFL star took to Instagram live to broadcast a situation outside his Florida mansion. His baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss, appears to have shown up at his home.

The police were called to the residence where they are seen talking to the driver of a white Bentley.

Antonio is heard talking to the police from inside his home. He continues to ask them for help and claims to want to take out a restraining order. The ex-NFL star says, “is there any justice for a black man in America?”

The police don’t respond to Antonio but talk to Chelsie in the driveway. He then asks them to “slam her” like they “would have slammed me.”

He accuses her of trespassing on his property and having been evicted. Chelsie is seen driving away in the Bentley while Antonio asks, “why my car moving?”

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Chelsie is then seen talking to the police after exiting the car. Antonio continues to yell at the police saying they are “punk a-s cops” and calls his baby mama “retarded.”

The cops come to talk to Antonio and tell him she will be cited for trespassing. He advises Antonio to take out a restraining order moving forward. Chelsie is eventually driven away by police.

Chelsie took to social media to share a screenshot of an alleged text convo with Antonio. In the message, Antonio says, “u going to be back here we going to recommit for our boys u hear me then I want to feel your love no more basic I miss u. can I feel your love”


He continues, “I really want u sexually u been gone to long so don’t come on no half way sh-t” The text messages are not dated but captioned, “This is what happens when you refuse to go back.”

The police situation comes as Antonio has been taking legal action against Chelsie. He recently sued her demanding she is evicted from his Florida home.


Back in December, Antonio sued his baby mama accusing her of refusing to leave his Florida home, despite serving her with an eviction notice.

He said Chelsie was his “former girlfriend” who had been living at the home as his guest. He said he “repeatedly demanded that Defendant vacate the subject property and surrender possession of the subject property to Plaintiff but, to date, Defendant refuses to do so and Defendants continues to remain in, occupy or otherwise possess the subject property without consent of Plaintiff …”

Antonio gave his ex a deadline of December 18 to be gone and all her personal property removed from the property.

The case is ongoing.

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