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Andrew Cuomo's Ex Sandra Lee Speaks Out Amid Nipple Ring Talk

By Ryan Naumann

Andrew Cuomo’s ex-girlfriend Sandra Lee is telling everyone to stop speculating about whether the governor has nipple rings.

Lee, a former Food Network star, posted a video of herself amid the internet speculation. Earlier this week, social media erupted after photos were released showing Cuomo at a press conference. Many believe the photos show the Governor has pierced nipples. Not knowing caused everybody to lose it on Twitter.

In her video, Lee says, “good morning everybody, I hope you have a great day. I just want to take a moment and say I woke up this morning to a lot of stuff going online. A lot of stories being written, and a lot of nonsense being said. And I just want to say, body shaming is not okay. It’s never going to be okay.

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When people are out in the front lines and working so hard for all our benefits. To turn around and body shame, shame on you. Knock it off. Do something to uplift people and make the world a better place. Not take cheap shots that are unnecessary I hope you all a great day and think about that for a little while.”

Back in September, Cuomo and Lee released a joint statement announcing their split. They said, “We have realized that our lives have gone in different directions and our romantic relationship has turned into a deep friendship.”

Twitter Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop With Nipple Reactions


Lee's video hasn't stopped the internet from being the internet. One person wrote, “every time i think my brain cant get any worse something like the phrase "andrew cuomo nipple ring" comes along.”

“I may be confident but I’m not “Andrew Cuomo exposing his pierced nipples during a pandemic press conference” confident," wrote another.

One enjoyed the alleged piercings writing, “Governor Cuomo has his nipples pierced. He will now be addressed as "Daddy Cuomo.” One person genuinely wanted to know, “can i get an honest, sincere answer about what is going on with andrew cuomo's nipples?”

We might never know.

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