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1. The Latest Season Of 'AHS'

Fans of American Horror Story couldn't be more excited for the show's new season, AHS 1984, which starts on September 18 on FX. The new season will focus on a group of twenty somethings who go to a camp and run amok of an escaped serial killer.

2. The First Official Trailer

The first full trailer for AHS 1984 dropped on Monday, and it looks to be packed to the brim with classic horror goodness. Pulling from the slasher movies that typified the 1980s, AHS 1984 has a real Friday The 13th vibe. Will anyone make it out alive? Unlikely.

3. What To Expect This Season

While American Horror Story regulars like Emma Roberts, Billie Lourde, and Cody Fern all play roles this season, some of show creator Ryan Murphy's favorites like Evan Peters, Billy Eichner, and Sarah Paulson are sitting this season out.

Even with those omissions, it still looks to be a classic season in the making. Are you ready to scream your head off?

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