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'American Horror Story' Releases 5 Terrifying Scenes From The New Season

Twitter / FX
By Clark Sparky

The ninth season of FX horror series makes its return in under a month. "American Horror Story: 1984" premieres on September 18. Ahead of its much-anticipated return, FX has released five, 30-second scenes from the show, each equally terrifying.

The most recent one shows the group gathered around a campfire at Camp Redwood. One of them goes to chop more firewood, and it doesn't appear to end well.

In another scene, a woman is sitting on the dock listening to the '80s music that seems to be a big part of the season when she experiences an unexpected guest.

In this one, we see one of the campers enjoying a tree swing when suddenly the killer appears right behind her. What happens next is probably her being killed.

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