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LAPD Officer Testifies She Saw 'No Injuries' On Amber Heard's Face After Phone-Throwing Incident

Gettyimages | Paul Marotta
By Mike Walters

An LAPD officer who arrived on the scene of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's blowout argument, which she claimed he hurled a cell phone against her face, says she saw 'no injuries' on the actress, during explosive new testimony.

According to reports, the LAPD officer, Melissa Saenz, appeared via video link and testified on the fourth day of Depp's ongoing libel trial against a UK tabloid which called him a 'wife-beater.'

On May 21, 2016, Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp returned home to the couple's L.A. penthouse 'drunk and high' and became 'enraged' after they started discusses the alleged popping incident.

During the argument, Amber claimed Depp began smashing items in the apartment including a wine bottle. Plus, she says during the incident, he threw her cell phone at her 'like someone throwing a baseball' and hit her in the face.

But, the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star claims he simply went to the penthouse to collect a few belongings and Heard's allegations are part of a 'choreographed hoax.'

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LAPD Officer Says She 'Did Not See Any Injuries' To Amber Heard's Face

The Blast

Officer Saenz, who specialized in domestic violence, arrived on the scene as one of two LAPD officers after one of Amber's friends called 911 to report the incident.

Upon arrival, the officer testified Ms. Heard was "visibly upset" saying "her face was red, it was clear she was crying." However, she said there did not appear to be any injuries and told the court her examination of Ms. Heard's face was "extremely thorough."

At the time, the officer claimed she had no idea it was Johnny Depp who was involved in the incident, he had left the scene. She also testified Amber Heard was 'uncooperative' and was unwilling to make a statement about the incident.

Heard Claimed Depp Hurled A Cell Phone Hitting Her In The Eye


Also, it should be noted, Amber Heard filed for divorce the next week and included a domestic violence restraining order, where she produced photos of alleged injuries and bruises on her face.

During the hearing, Depp’s lawyer questioned the LAPD officer asking her, “Did you see any marks at all of any kind suggesting injury on her face?”

Ms. Saenz replied: “No, I didn’t.”

The officer also said she did not witness any damage done to the apartment including the alleged wine bottle smashing.

“I searched the entire flat and there was no damage, there was no broken glass … nothing out of the ordinary," she said.

Johnny Depp Calls The Assault Allegations An 'Choreographed Hoax'

The Blast

An attorney for the media outlet crossed examined the officer saying, “Perhaps you didn’t give the care to this case that you say you did."

She added, “In fact, Ms Heard had a mark to her right cheek, whether you saw it or whether you didn’t look carefully."

The LAPD officer replied, "She didn't."

The testimony could be an important moment in the ongoing trial after many of the allegations have become a 'he said, she said' situation and any outside and credible witnesses to the alleged abuse could be key to its outcome.

Officer Says Their Was 'Nothing Out Of The Ordinary' When Arriving On Scene


As you can imagine, in this case, an LAPD officer testifying Amber Heard had no injuries to her face -- even though she claims she did -- could be an important turning point in the trial.

As we reported, Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp assaulted her on 14 separate occasions during their relationship -- and he says the entire thing is a 'hoax' she concocted as an 'insurance policy' during their relationship.

The trial continues and is set to last over three weeks.

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