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Amber Heard Writes BRUTAL Email About Johnny Depp -- I Have Cleaned Your 'S--t, Vomit, And Piss!

By Mike Walters

Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of soiling himself after going on massive drug and alcohol benders, and claimed she was forced to clean up his 's--t, vomit and piss' and described the actor as 'needy man-child.'

According to reports, the 'Aquaman' star allegedly drafted an email in 2013, which was read in court, during the closing arguments of the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean's defamation lawsuit against a UK Tabloid.

In the email, which was never sent, Amber detailed how Depp had 'embarrassed' himself 'countless times' and claims the actor paid 'enablers' to clean and cover up the aftermath of his partying.

“I have put up with so much. I have cleaned s--t, vomit and piss up both literally and figuratively,” she wrote.

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'I Watched As Other Grown Men Have To Wipe You, Basically'


“A real man doesn’t need to be cared for like a baby...I watch as other grown men have to wipe you, basically,” Amber continued.

She added, “Yesterday, I saw you pass out, amongst vomiting, three times,” she allegedly wrote, with the star’s late security chief having to pick him up each time."

Amber detailed how staff members of the couple were also forced to clean up after the partying, saying, “how many times he’s had to break into locked doors to wake you up, after passing out on the toilet."

She continued, “If someone filmed you while you were in this state you would be mortified. It’s embarrassing just watching it happen.”

Amber Heard's Alleged Draft Email Called, 'Key Piece Of Evidence'


Lawyers for the UK tabloid called this draft email a 'key piece of evidence' in the case.

In the email, Amber allegedly states, “You can’t know because people (friends?) keep smiling to your face and then turning their heads and rolling their eyes at how ridiculous they feel and look picking a grown man up from his piss and vomit, knowing he’ll never be able to realize how bad he looks."

She continued, “If they left you, on the floor in your own s–t, locked in the bathroom while you missed work – then you might have to actually learn. Learn to take care of yourself."

“What I saw last night was a child,” she added.

“What I saw yesterday, and many times before, is a needy man-child.”

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Is 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'


The defense in this case also felt this was key evidence for them because Amber referred to violent incidents between the couple.

“Many times you have hurt me. Physically and emotionally from the things you say and did while f---ed up,” Heard wrote.

She continued, “You have hit me repeated [sic]. Something you should Never have done. What a f---ing man you are. I just don’t know if I can do this anymore. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Half of you, I love. Madly. The other half scares me. I can’t take him. I wish I could, but I can’t,” according to the lawyers.

'Pirates' Star Denies All Abuse Allegations, Calls It A 'Hoax'


In the email, Amber allegedly referred to Johnny's other personality 'the monster' which she claims comes out when he is drinking or doing drugs.

“Both you, the love of my life, and the monster look the same. How f---ing confused I feel," she wrote.

Adding, “How could I know this lay in store for me? How dare you make me fall in love with you, present this other self – your good half – only to rip the mask off once I was in?!”

“I feel like the biggest idiot in the world," she concluded.

As we reported, the trial is coming to an end, and both sides are currently giving their closing statements. During the past few weeks, Amber has detailed what she claims to be violent incidents between her and the actor. But, Johnny has denied ever being abusive to his wife, and claims the allegations are a 'hoax' she was preparing as an 'insurance policy.'

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