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Amber Heard Texts With Elon Musk Exposed! -- SpaceX Boss Tells Actress "I Really Like You"

By Mike Walters

Amber Heard texted with Elon Musk several days before she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, and it's clear from the exchange the SpaceX boss is hoping to be more than just friends...texting the actress, "I really like you."

A transcript of the text messages, turned over in the 'Aquaman' stars ongoing lawsuit with Depp, was just tweeted publicly by the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star's lawyer Adam Waldman.

The messages, sent Sunday, May 22, 2016, was just hours after Amber claimed Johnny Depp savagely attacked her including hurling a phone and striking her in the face.

In the exchange, it appears Elon and Amber had also been in some sort of argument prior to this date, which resulted in Amber ghosting the Telsa boss, and him begging for her forgiveness.

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Read Details Of The Text Messages!


As we reported, the two also discuss the altercation from the night before, and Elon offers to provide 24 hour-a-day security for the actress. In the text messages, Amber also refers to Elon as 'Rocketman' on her phone.

According to the document, tweeted by Depp's lawyer, Amber texted Elon, "For Such a smart man...... I would think you wouldn't need to investigate any further than your last text to me before such radio silence commenced..."

Musk responded, "Well, I'm just glad you're ok. You talked about J being violent in the past and still having keys to the apartment, so I thought something might have happened."

Elon Musk Offers To Provide 24/7 Security For Amber Heard To Protect From Depp


At this point, Amber appears to explain how bad the alleged altercation between her and Johnny Depp was the night before.

"It did. But that's irrelevant. I had the locks changed," she wrote.

She added, "Legal divorce filing tomorrow. Restraining order -- all that."

Elon Musk responded to the announcement of her pending divorce, saying, "Wtf? But you're ok right? Is there anything I can do?"

He contiuned, "I'm happy to engage 24/7 security for you, if you'd like. It would be utterly confidential."

Musk To Heard: It Only Matters Because I Really Like You

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

Interestingly, according to tweeted text exchange, Amber wants to address whatever issues are going on between her and Musk, instead of going over the fight with Depp.

"All of that is irrelevant to why I stopped talking to you," Amber says to Musk.

He responds, "I know. And the offer would stand even if you never wanted to see me again."

It's unclear what the original text message said between Musk and Heard that led to her not talking to him, but it was bad enough that the Telsa boss calls himself an 'idiot.'

"Anyway, sorry for being an idiot. The radio silence hurt a lot. It only matters because I really like you," Musk texts Heard.

She responds, "Yeah, hence why I was so affected by your text the other night."

Johnny Depp's Legal Team Subpoenas Elon Musk In Amber Heard Legal War

Gettyimages | Matt Roberts

In the end, the two agree to jump on a phone call and stop texting.

As we reported, Johnny Depp's legal team has subpoenaed Elon Musk in his ongoing legal war with Amber Heard. The actor believes the billionaire could have critical evidence to his defense that he did NOT assault his ex-wife.

Also, Depp believes the duo had some sort of relationship prior to Amber filing for divorce.

For the record, Elon Musk has denied having a romantic relationship with Amber Heard until a month after he split with Johnny Depp.

"I wish to confirm again that Amber and I only started going out about a month after her divorce filing. I don’t think I was ever even in the vicinity of Amber during their marriage!” the SpaceX boss told The New York Post.

Neither Musk nor Heard has commented about the text messages.

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