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Amber Heard Breaks Her Silence On 'Wife-Beater' Trial -- I 'Place My Faith In British Justice'

By Mike Walters

Amber Heard has broken her silence about the ongoing defamation trial and issues surrounding the alleged violence in her marriage to Johnny Depp -- saying she now puts her faith in 'British justice.'

The 'Aquaman' star posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, after the conclusion of a three-week trial where she testified that the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star was a drug-fueled abuser during their relationship.

As for Depp, he claimed Amber is a 'compulsive liar' who concocted the 'hoax' as an insurance policy during the relationship and who is actually the abusive one in their marriage.

"I traveled to the UK to testify in these proceedings as a witness to assist the Court, after obtaining a restraining order in 2016 and finalizing our divorce, I wanted to move on with my life. I did not file this lawsuit and, despite its significance, I would have preferred not to be in court," she began.

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Amber Heard: I 'Place My Faith In British Justice'


She continued, "It has been incredibly painful to relive the break-up of my relationship, have my motives and my truth questioned, and the most traumatic details of my life with Johnny shared in court and broadcast around the world."

As we reported, today was the final day of a three-week trial and the court heard evidence of BOTH Johnny and Amber being violent towards each other, and details of a volatile relationship.

"I stand by my testimony in court and I now place my faith in British justice," Amber wrote.

Johnny Depp sued a UK tabloid after it called him a 'wife-beater,' something he has denied since the beginning of this case.

Amber Heard Thanks Her Legal Team For Hard Work, Support


"Although I did not bring this lawsuit, I am aware of the precious resources being consumed by his litigation and will be glad to see those resources re-directed back to more important legal matters already delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic," Amber said.

She continued, 'I appreciate the dedication, hard work and support of the defense legal team, as well as my UK and US lawyers. I also wish to extend my thanks to the very kind and diligent court staff and the police, who have been so sensitive in ensuring my protection so that that I could testify in safety."

'Aquaman' Star Thanks Fans For 'Outpouring Of Support'


Amber included a photograph of her legal team leaving the courthouse for the final time, in front of a wall of photographers and fans.

"And finally, my heartfelt thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support and the many messages I have received from around the world. You have given me so much strength and I send it back to you," she concluded.

As we reported, in today's closing statements Depp's lawyer ripped into Amber Heard calling her a 'compulsive liar' and an 'abuser' -- the testimony is now finished.

The case is now in the hands of a UK judge.

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