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Johnny Depp Begged Amber Heard To 'Cut' Him With A Knife In Disturbing New Audio

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp begged ex-wife Amber Heard to 'cut' him with a knife he was holding in front of her, an exchange that was recorded, and played today in open court during the actor's libel trial.

According to reports, the audio which was recorded by the actress was submitted by the media outlet as another piece of evidence of the abuse accusations against the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star.

Johnny Depp was questioned on the stand about the recording by a lawyer for the UK tabloid, who he is suing for calling him a 'wife-beater.'

Addressing the audiotape, an attorney said to the actor "You're threatening to cut yourself in front of Ms. Heard and you're actually holding a knife at the time."

Johnny Depp responded, "I was asking her to cut me... I felt that was what she was doing anyway."

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See Transcript Of Bone-Chilling Audio Of Knife & Cutting Incident

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

According to Dailymail, here is a transcript of the audio played for the court:

JD: My f***ing knife. Cut me. You want to cut me? You want to see some shit? You want Cut me. Cut me wherever you want. Cut me.

AH: This is really pretty.

JD: Thanks. You want to cut me somewhere?

AH: Do I want to cut you?

JD: Yeah. You want an arm? You want chest? Where do you want? Where do you want the scar? Where do you want it? Cut me.

AH: Don’t cut your skin. Please do not cut your skin. Please don’t.

JD: Cut me.

AH: Why would I do that?

JD: It's easy.

AH: Don’t. Please do not do that. Please do not do that.

JD: Cut me.

AH: Please don’t. Please don’t cut yourself. You don’t need to cut yourself.

JD: I need to do what I want.

AH: I know. I know it hurts. I feel the same way.

JD: Cut me. I want your mark.

AH: You're hurt.

JD: No, you don’t. They're gone.

AH: Don’t. Don’t. Please don’t. Don’t, don’t cut yourself. Please don’t cut yourself.

JD: Cut. Cut.

More Of The Transcript...


The audio continues...

AH: Please don’t cut yourself. Please. I know it hurts.

JD: You do it.

AH: I would never cut you.

JD: Cut me.

AH: I would never do that to you. Please don’t.

JD: Come on, p---y.

AH: I'm a p---y?

AH: Don’t do that. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

JD: Don’t you tell me—

AH: Please don't do that.

JD: Don’t tell me.

AH: Put the knife down.

JD: Don’t.

AH: Just put the fucking knife down.

JD: Tell me.

AH: Don’t. Don’t do that. Do not do that, Johnny. Please. You're going to hurt—

JD: I want to look at you.

AH: You're going to hurt yourself. Please don’t.

JD: I want to look at you.

AH: I know you're in pain, but stop. Please don’t—

JD: There's a way for the pain to go away.

Johnny Depp Details Pooping In The Bed Incident...

Gettyimages | John Phillips

During today's hearing, the court also heard testimony about the days leading up to the couple's divorce -- including the alleged phone throwing incident that promoted Amber Heard to file for a restraining order.

At the time, Depp explained he has just received very bad news from his accountants and was late to Amber's birthday party. Upon arriving, the couple argued about his tardiness and the actor claims the next day is when Heard or a friend pooped in their bed.

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Hurled A Phone Into Her Face


In earlier testimony, Depp said this was the final straw and ended their marriage.

A month later, Depp claimed he went to the home to gather a few items and while arguing over the pooping incident, Amber claims Johnny hurled a phone against her face.

According to reports, the court was shown photos of Amber's face following the incident where there appears to be bruising and marks. Johnny has denied he touched the actress, and called her abuse allegations a 'hoax.'

The trial is set to last three weeks, and actress Winona Ryder and Johnny's ex-wife Vanessa Paradis are set to take the stand in the next few days.

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