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Johnny Depp Admits To 'Head-Butting' Amber Heard In The Forehead -- Calls It An 'Accident'

By Mike Walters

Johnny Depp just admitted in court that he headbutted Amber Heard during a vicious argument, but claimed it was 'accidental' and he was attempting to stop her from attacking him.

In a shocking revelation during the third day of the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star's libel trial in the UK, the actor confirmed he did, in fact, headbutt his ex-Amber Heard but explained the connection was involuntary and accidental.

The admission came after a lawyer for the UK tabloid being sued by Depp showed the courtroom photos of alleged injuries to the face that Amber endured after the incident -- including a bruised eye.

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See Photos Of Injuries Due To The Alleged Head-Butt

The Sun

Also, lawyers in the case played audio for the court, where Depp and Heard discussed the fight and he said on the tape, "I head-butted you in the f---ing.....forehead. That doesn't break a nose."

According to reports,the audio details included these quotes:

AMBER HEARD: "You had been screaming. "It’s like… hell, it’s the end-all-be-all in the sort of offensive thing. You can throw a punch but yet screaming’s okay. "You can head-butt somebody who’s screaming but don't scream."

DEPP: "I head-butted you in the f***ing..."

HEARD: "I couldn't believe you did that."

DEPP: "...forehead. That doesn’t break a nose."

Johnny Depp: There Was No Intentional Headbutt

The Blast

Johnny Depp claimed the head-butt was accidental and explained to the court he did 'grab' her arms to 'control the violence' and claimed it was to 'stop her flailing and punching me.'

He added, "There was no intentional headbutt."

Of course, lawyers for the media outlet pointed out to the 'Pirates' star the admission was an 'important' one in the case, saying, "Do you agree that your admission that people in this court will have heard for the first time that there was a headbutt, is very important?"

Depp agreed, "Yes, it is important."

The court was also shown photos of a clump of hair Amber alleges Johnny pulled out during a fight. "That's Ms. Heard's hair," the lawyer said.

Depp responded with the question, "Is it?"

Court Hears Audio Of Amber & Johnny Discussing The Head Butt


During today's hearing, the court heard details of an incident where Depp "lost his temper" and allegedly threw a decanter at Heard, slapping her, pulling her hair, headbutting her, and telling her he was going to kill her.

The lawyer also said Depp had tried to "strangle the actress, and broken a bed frame by throwing her down and climbing on top of her."

Johnny Depp has denied all the allegations and claimed he had never intentionally harmed Amber Heard. As we reported, the 'Pirates' actor called the abuse allegations a 'hoax' and said the actress was collecting information like a dossier as an 'insurance policy.'

The shocking courtroom testimony came on day three of a trial which is expected to last 3 weeks. During the next few days, the court is scheduled to hear witnesses including Depp, Heard, and Winona Ryder.

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