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'Amazon' Boss Jeff Bezos Just Got $13.2 Billion Richer In Just 15 MINUTES!!

Gettyimages | SAUL LOEB
By Mike Walters

If you were having a tough Thursday, this story is not going to make you feel much better...Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, just got $13.2 Billion richer in just 15 MINUTES!!

We will explain...

Shares of Amazon stock skyrocketed on the New Your Stock Exchange this afternoon, closing in at $2,100 a share. A 12% percent increase in price.

So...Bezos, who is already the richest person in the world, added 13.2 Billion to his net worth in just about 15 minutes' time. If the price holds his new listed worth will come it at $129.5 Billion. Ya, that one hurts.

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$13.2 Richer In 15 Minutes?! Yep....

Gettyimages | Alex Wong

According to Bloomberg, the price fluctuation came after extended trading at 4:16 pm New York time. Part of the reason is the largest e-commerce company in the world reported fourth-quarter results that "smashed Wall Street estimates."

On paper, Bezos owns 12% of Amazon's outstanding stock which constitutes most of his massive fortune. But, he also owns the space flight company Blue Origin, which accounts for $6.2 Billion more in his pocket.

Also, to be honest, he owns a whole bunch of businesses too, be we are talking about Amazon.

We Would Be Laughing Too!

Gettyimages | Anadolu Agency

According to reports, Amazon's massive jump added more than $90 Billion to the company's value, pushing it to whopping $1 Trillion big ones!

As we reported, Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie divorced last year after he started dating Lauren Sanchez. The couple settled their divorce with MacKenzie keeping 4% of the company's stock.

So, how did she do in the last minute rise in the stock price? Mrs. Bezos is now in the top 25 richest people in the world alongside her ex-husband. Ya, it was that good!

We Found Something That Will Make You Feel Better...


At the same time, Facebook took a bit of a slide and Mark Zuckerburg lost a few Billion in the last few days. Our guess is neither of these guys pays attention to the day to day movement of their stock. But, we can have fun with it!

In the real world, for the rest of us, we are happy to say McDonalds' brought back their 2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal! So we can get a Big Mac and a ten-piece for five bucks! Ok, we feel a little better.

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