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Amanda Bynes Will Lose Custody Of Her Child After Giving Birth Based On Her Mental Health

By Mike Walters

Amanda Bynes is excited she is now expecting her first child with fiance Paul Michael, but the problem is she will not maintain custody of her baby when it is born because she lacks the mental capacity to take care of the child.

According to sources close to the situation, Amanda's mental state is so bad that she is currently in a psychiatric facility where she will remain for at least the next 30 days.

The judge in her conservatorship case has ruled she does not have the mental capacity to make decisions for herself, including living on her own, medical care, or finances. As you know, while taking care of a baby you will need to have all three.

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Amanda Will Not Keep Custody Of Her Child...


So, we're told, the plan is that her parents will file in "dependency court" in Los Angeles which will allow a judge to review Amanda's condition and make a ruling on where the baby will be placed to live. After an initial hearing, most likely the family law judge will adopt the same position as the conservatorship court and give Amanda's parents the rights to her custody.

In the next 8 months, the father of Amanda's baby will also have the right to file for custody of the baby, and the group will have to hash out how it will work to ensure safety for the baby.

Remember, Paul and Amanda met in AA and he is also in recovery for addiction issues.

Father Of The Child Will Get Custody, Child Support


The likely scenario is that Amanda will be forced to live with her parents who will have custody of her child and essentially she will have visitation of her own baby with her parents. Also, if he wishes, Paul will have 50% custody of the child, and Amanda's parents will have to pay him child support.

At this point, Amanda's father is still her trustee and she does not make financial decisions, so he will have to deal with child support payments to Paul.

The birth of the baby will obviously require items like items for a nursery, diapers, milk, clothes, etc. and Amanda's parents will have to pay for these items and work with the judge on any major purchases.

Custody War May Ahead Over Amanda's Mental Health


Our sources say Amanda believes this may be her ticket OUT of the conservatorship thinking she will just play "house" with the new baby and her boyfriend. Of course, her parents will not allow this situation so it may become a major legal fight in the courts.

As we reported, Amanda announced her pregnancy Tuesday with a picture of her recent ultrasound and seemed to be celebrating the big news. But, she is currently in a psychiatric hospital and can not even care for herself.

We're told Amanda's family believes she may even have been trying to get pregnant, which they think may cause her major issues including changing medications she currently takes for her mental health condition.

Bottom line, Amanda will likely not have custody of her child when it's born and her parents will have to work out details like custody with the baby's father.

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