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Amanda Bynes Gives FIRST LOOK At Her New Fiancé: See The Photo!

By Mike Walters

Amanda Bynes just revealed a photo of the man she is set to marry, but she still isn't giving up a name or much about the lucky fellow.

Bynes posted a picture of her and the new fiance on Instagram with the simple caption, "lover." In the photo, he is wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a flannel shirt.

We're told the young man's name is Paul. Amanda and her new BF met while attending AA classes, and the new couple has only known each other for a couple of months.

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See The Photo Of Amanda's New Fiance!!


The guy is a good looking dude!

Plus, we are told the engagement is legit. Even though many people are questioning if she is REALLY engaged. The actress broke the news on Valentine's Day she was now engaged to her boyfriend. Amanda posted a picture of the giant diamond engagement ring, along with a photo of Paul's hand wearing a gold band.

"Engaged to tha love of my life," Amanda captioned the engagement photo.

We broke the story, there is one big problem with Amanda attempting a shotgun engagement and marriage. She can't legally get married!

The Huge Diamond Engagement Ring!


As we reported, Bynes in under a personal conservatorship, and like Britney Spears...she can not enter into any contract without the approval from a judge. A marriage license is considered a binding contract, and Amanda can't sign one.

Our sources say, although Amanda's family is aware she is engaged, no one has signed off on the actress getting married.

We're told Paul is in his 20's and is from a Los Angeles based family. He and Amanda met during his own time of recovery, and his dad is a prominent doctor in Los Angeles. He also has a few ties to the Entertainment business, his brother starred in a reality show about fixing cars.

Actress Is Not Legally Allowed To Get Married...


Amanda's family hopes this may be a positive influence on her life, after the actress bailed on her sober living facility, and forced her parents to rush to court to get an order forcing her back into treatment.

As we reported, Amanda agreed to go back to treatment where there is strict drug testing, curfews, and mental health counseling. As for the relationship with the new boyfriend -- so far, so good.

Next up, possibly a court hearing to get permission?


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