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Amanda Bynes Flees Sober Living Facility, Family Worried She May Go Back To Drugs

Mega / The Blast
By Mike Walters

Amanda Bynes has bailed on her sober living facility, dropped out of school, and stopped complying with her court-ordered conservatorship and now her parents are so worried about her well-being they have rushed to court to try and get help from a judge to save the actress.

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast, Bynes left her sober living facility last week and it is currently unclear where she is living. The facility had strict guidelines for drug testing, curfew, and help with mental health treatment.

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Amanda's Parents Rush To Court To Help

Mega / The Blast

We're told when the former "All That" star's parents learned she had left the facility, they attempted to contact her and coax her back to treatment. However, Amanda refused to accept help.

By leaving the facility, Bynes is thumbing her nose at the conservatorship previously put in place by the Ventura County Court. We're told her mother and father will be asking the court to help force the actress back into treatment by any means necessary.

Our sources say the star plans on fighting to remove her mother as a conservator and instead have a third party placed in charge of her conservatorship going forward.

Dropped Out Of School


We're also told Amanda has dropped out of her fashion design school and is not working. She had previously graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising back in June when she earned an Associate's degree in fashion design. However, we're told she had planned on pursuing additional schooling.

One major issue with the current situation is Bynes' family is worried someone may take advantage of the star while she is not being monitored. The star has access to most of her finances and her parents believe someone could get close to her, which could put her multi-million fortune in jeopardy.

Parents Worried She Is Back On Drugs


We're told the Bynes family is worried Bynes is "backsliding" and could be back abusing drugs. Her parents want to make sure they can get her help before something terrible happens.

The former "All That" star admitted to abusing Adderall and other drugs in a recent interview. Bynes told 'Paper' magazine, she used cocaine and ecstasy recreationally, but the drug she abused was Adderall.

Emergency Court Hearing Underway...


She recalled, to the magazine, there was a "new 'skinny pill' and they were talking about how women were using it to stay skinny. She said at the time she was like, 'Well, I have to get my hands on that."

The prescription medication has been at the center of several celebrity situations, including Bam Margera's recent downward spiral and the investigation into Mac Miller's tragic death. As we reported, text messages showed the late rapper was asking for the drug hours before he died.

Bynes is currently inside the courtroom with her parents...stay tuned.

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