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Waitress Runs After Alec Baldwin for Autograph ... On His Dinner Bill

By TheBlast Staff

Alec Baldwin forgot his own cardinal rule: Always Be Closing.

The awkward encounter went down Tuesday night in West Hollywood at Craig's, one of the biggest celebrity hangouts in town. Baldwin walked through a gigantic crowd of paparazzi and camera flashes to get to his car, and then spotted the waitress standing outside holding open a checkbook after he apparently forgot to sign the bill.

The crowd of photogs immediately started roasting the star, and the questions turned from his recently engaged niece, Hailey Baldwin, to accusations of a dine and dash.

For the record, it appears Baldwin had already put his credit card down for the meal, but forgot to sign afterwards. The waitress also gave him back his card.

As if the ordeal wasn't chaotic enough, she forgot to bring out a pen. Luckily, a nearby autograph hound helped her out.

Baldwin kept a positive attitude, telling the woman she was "fantastic," but it's unclear how much of a tip she got after the public scene.

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