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'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Bear Brown & Raiven Reveal They're Having a Boy!

By Gary Trock

Two of the "Alaskan Bush People" stars are preparing for a new cub to enter the Wolfpack and are now announcing that ... it's a boy! Bear Brown and Raiven Adams broke the news on Tuesday evening via Instagram as they continue to update fans through their pregnancy journey.

"Hey everybody! Guess what? Raiven and I are having a boy!!! And we couldn’t be more excited! It’s hard to believe that this time next year, I’ll actually be a dad! Thank you everyone for following my family, and I all this time! Thank you for sticking with us and thank you for always being there for us! Thank you and God bless!!!!"

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Supportive Fans

Bear and Raiven announced the news on their separate Instagram accounts and showed off a bunch of boy-themed baby swag, like a onesie, hat, teddy bear and more. "Let the adventure begin," Raiven captioned her photo.

Fans are extremely excited and began showering the two expecting parents with love after the big announcement.

"How great! It'll be a boy! All the best and God's blessing for you and Raiven and for your whole family," one fan wrote.

Another commented, "CONGRATS BEAR!!! Can’t wait for your bundle of joy to arrive into this world!! You will be the best daddy anyone could ask for!!"

A third added, "Congratulations!! You and your wife are SO deserving of this! May God bless your journey into parenthood! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your little boy when he arrives!! Much love from Reno, Nevada!"

Reading Up


Bear recently showed fans that he's getting all the prep work done before the baby arrives and is going through a pregnancy handbook for first-time dads. He is also showing that he's protective of his unborn son, and lashed out at trolls who were criticizing the sonogram that he and Raiven had shared.

"Hey everybody something’s been bugging me! It’s sad that in this modern day and age there is so much hate! I’ve heard that some page is making fun of my kids sonogram picture! I’m surprised that Facebook and people would allow such a heinous act to go on! Anyone who would make fun of an unborn baby borderlines evil! How is that allowed? The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing! Make fun of me all you want! But leave innocent babies out of it!!!!!!"

The Birth Announcement & Co-Parenting


Bear and Raiven have been keeping fans involved in all aspects of their personal lives, especially when they got engaged, broke up and then found out they were expecting! Because of all the questions by the "Alaskan Bush People" stars' eager fans, she went on Instagram and explained how the two plan on co-parenting their baby.

"Quickly after deciding friendship was best for us! We found out we had a little surprise coming our way. After a quick engagement because we felt that was the right thing to do. We talked about things, and ultimately decided being co parents was best for us as well as our baby. We are super excited, and surprised to announce this especially due to current events. We are excited to coparent as friends, and do our best to be the best we can be. We can’t wait to find out the gender! being in the earlier stages means a lot of sick and sleepless nights. 😴 Thats okay because you are for sure worth it!"

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