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Bear Brown's Baby Mama Returns to Instagram After Harassment from Trolls

By Gary Trock

"Alaskan Bush People" star Bear Brown's ex-fiancée is back on The Gram after constant harassment from trolls forced her into a short-lived social media blackout.

The Instagram account for Raiven Adams was reactivated on Tuesday after going dark for almost 48-hours.

She has been the target of online harassment and taunts ever since revealing that she is 8-weeks pregnant with Bear's cub, with many believing she was using the baby to try and "cash" in by having a child with the reality star.

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"I'm always quick to want to prove haters wrong so they don't get the satisfaction of winning when they are wrong, but I'm realizing responding at all is letting you win because you are getting the attention you clearly need," Raiven wrote on her Instagram story.

She also explained that a temporary break from social media was needed to make sure her baby is able to grow and be healthy without her stressing out over public opinion:

"I'll be off social media for a while everything that's said is twisted and just more drama I just want a happy healthy pregnancy and 50% of y'all are awesome the other 50% just want drama and I'm not interested in that take care everyone."


It's unclear if Raiven will remain back on social media, but she's doing her best not to let the haters get her down.

In a message to her unborn baby, Raiven explained, "You are already so loved and have the most supportive family ... even with the negativity we have received...The amount of support, and understanding from people everywhere is amazing!"


Bear Brown has also expressed similar sentiments, asking the public to cut his baby mama a break and insisting that the breakup between the two was 100% amicable.

As we reported, even though Bear and Raiven have split, they are focused on remaining friends and co-parenting their child.

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